Does Steve Jobs own other clothes? A Rant

Seriously. No, seriously. Has anyone outside of the 70’s seen this guy dressed in something other then his black mock top, jeans, and New Balances? Suits on special occasions don’t count.

So much is said in just the way he dresses. Is it his uniform? What does he wear at home? Why do I even care? I have no answer for any of those questions.

I was going to write some deep post about Microsoft security and all this hoopla that Google is moving away from Windows. But it will blow over, because in reality probably not a lot of consumers care. Windows is still the most reliable option out TODAY. Is it really still that much of a lofty price for Windows? Not at all. People just love bashing Microsoft, over security threats and cost. If 75% of the world used your OS don’t you think some people would find some holes in it as well?  No matter what you think of the business practices they have, they still win time after time in the OS comparison test.  Has anyone really tried any of the Chromium builds? I do have to say its crap at this point. But I wont scoff at Google and their aspirations. But right now, what the public sees is utter crap. Not many companies can go the Ubuntu route, since in my mind it is the only Linux build that is close to a complete product for standard enterprise users. Google is filled with a bunch of techno-bots so I understand how they could go that route. But most enterprises would not touch that subject on the idea of replacing Windows 7 with Ubuntu. If you are a nay sayer find me proof, find me links, find me companies. I always have an open mind for change, but I don’t think much will be found.

But back to Slob Jobs.

I started reading all the “Live Blogging” on D8, and it just spurred this up about Jobs. (By the way “Live Blogging” is very idiotic, its called a camera and a internet connection. Let’s not go backwards.) Sorry. Deal with it.

How smug is this guy? Probably just as smug as his clothing and products. Maybe he thinks,  ”if everyone knows I am a billionaire why would I have to impress everyone with my clothing”.  Because your a damn billionaire. I mean care a little. You have a freaking jet, and that is how you dress? A JET! A jet that blocks the FAA from tracking you. Do you really have people follow you? That is kind of smug. Really? Have to make sure Gizmodo does not follow you to China?

If I dressed like this everyday people would think I am a serial killer OR Stevie Freakin Jobs.

I’m done.

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